Edit a Comic

Edit a Comic
Edit a comic opens up a submenu that lets you get more specific on what you want to edit that's in your collection..

You can choose to edit a regular comic that's in your collection. Maybe you notice a typo or information has become out of date. Or you want to add information that you originally chose not to enter into the database. Because with the exception of Title, Volume, Issue, and condition, you could get away with leaving anything else blank. Publisher is also another one that would be good to not leave blank but it does give a default value for that.

You can also edit just issue information. Issue is information that pertains to the issue that would be shared with any other copies of that issue.

You can also edit publisher information to the database. Publisher information is shared with every comic that is published by that publisher. That means if you change something for one comic it is updated in one comic is updated throughout the collection. Which is also the case with Issue Information and Title Information.

Finally you can edit Title information. This is the same as issue information. It lets you put in information about when a title ended and began that will be shared among all comics of that title.