This really is the place to go for items that I didn't know where to put(or I ran out of room).

The Add Subs options allows you to enter all of the comic books in the subscriptions list for the month. It assumes that every comic that you have on the list has come in. it then updates the next issue in the Subscriptions list for next time.

The Remove Covers options goes through the entire database and removes every cover reference. This is for when your database has grown too large and you need to get the size down. The covers take up a large amount of space. Without covers, my 6,000 comic book collection only takes up 72 kb. This help file with only 9 articles so far takes up 368kb. The difference is all the screen shots.

If you choose to remove the covers, they will be gone for good.

Merge Titles lets you combine two titles in case you accidentally entered a title twice. Normally the program would catch it but a typo will not be. So you can come here and select which of the titles you want to keep and the other one will be merged into the good one.

Reindex Comics lets you fix database issues that come up. If for instance a comic suddenly can't be deleted, its because the index has become corrupted. If you click this, the index system will be rebuilt. You SHOULD BACKUP your collection before doing this. And also check to see if your collection survived the reindexing before saving.