About Beaver Valley Software

Located in the rolling acres of western Pennsylvania, Beaver Valley Software is pleased to offer its products on the web. We have been developing software since 1989. First as Cole Software and then Cole Software Technologies after we found out another Cole Software existed. After a while, we decided to take on our local areas love of the Beaver and changed the name to Beaver Valley Software and registered with the state.

We eagerly adopted the .NET framework when Microsoft released the first version with Visual Studio 2002. It turned writing software for the Windows platform from a pain and wishing DOS would return to a breeze.

In the early 90s we began programming on the DOS platform and developed the Football Pool in Pascal. It was a small distribution in the local area to those that wanted to run a weekly pick-em football pool.Then we dived into the world of comic books and created Comic Book Millennium which for a time was our most sought after product. The first version was written in dBASE2k. Version 2 was in C++ and the latest C#.

Around 2003, we developed the PayPal Button Machine and then started work on its sister product: PayPal Flash Button Creator which became our most popular product until Flash fell out of favor. The first versions were written in C++.

Now we are developing new programs that we hope will be embraced. We have taken on Microsoft's WPF technology and also like the looks of Windows Universal Apps. Just not the Universal Apps limitations that they have decided to put on what software can do that's written for that platform. So we're hoping to bring the look and feel of UAs to the desktop with our 2016 releases.