The HWP file is the project file of Help Writer. It can also be used to distribute the help system to the customer. You do this by including the helpwriterlibrary.dll and either the Desktop or Universal Library dlls with your application. Also with Universal LIbrary, the protobuf-net dll needs to be included.

You would need to have using statements:

using helpwriterlibrary;

using DThelpwriterlibrary;

Then where you want to display the help file you would add the following:

HelpViewer hlp = new HelpViewer(hwfile);

hlp.ViewerTitle = "Test Help";

hlp.Width = 800;

hlp.Height = 600;

hlp.Background = Brushes.Blue;


hwfile would hold the path to the help file.


For Universal Apps, you would set it up with the following:

helpPop = new Popup();



HelpViewer helpviewer = new HelpViewer(ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder, helpfile);

helpviewer.Width = 600;

helpviewer.Height = 800;

helpviewer.backcolor = new SolidColorBrush(Windows.UI.Colors.Aqua);

helpPop.Child = helpviewer;

helpPop.IsOpen = true;


catch (Exception ex)


textBlock.Text = ex.Message;


helpPop is a Popup I placed on the UA's designer